We brought Kashmir closer to you with a cozy Shikara ride in the comfort of your own city.
Prize :- Rs.150/-

Try jet-skiing at Blue Bay Water Sports once and you will remember it for lifetime! The thrill and excitement of powering across the water will energize you like nothing else! The experience will remain with you for the rest of your life!
Prize :- 499/-

Kayaking is another adventure water sports activity we organize. For those who have not experienced the fun of kayaking before our sit top kayaks are easy to use and perfect for novices. The same ones can also be used by experienced kayakers. We have single kayak for those of you wishing to venture alone in the welcoming waters and double seating kayaks for those who want to work together!
Prize :- Rs.150/-

We believe a boat is about family. That is why we take pride in offering you our leisure boat which takes you for a leisurely ride in the lake along with your family. So you can spend quality time surrounded by the crystal clear and soothing blue waters of the lake and partake of the natural beauty sharing all the lovely moments with your family!
Prize :- (12 seater Boat) Rs.200/-

Another leisure activity offered by Blue Bay Water Sports is paddle boating. The paddle boat can be safely enjoyed by 2 or 4 riders. Among all other this is the best and most fun couple or family activity. It is ideal for sightseeing of the lush green surroundings, watching people excursing or simply enjoying the lake and the water.
Prize :- Rs.100/-

Kids always want to do what grown-ups do! Now you don’t have to stop them.. Besides all the big boats and rides we have a fun activity especially for kids!! Just like a jet-ski, the gets get to ride all by themselves without any safety concerns. We take care of it all! After all kids have to have fun and being in water all by themselves is a great deal!
Prize :- Rs.100/-

Note :- Group Discount are available onsite.

(On particular event rates may vary & management has got right to change above rates)